Pyro Galaxy Aqua


The Pyro Galaxy Aqua is among the world’s first wood heaters to feature sophisticated new pyrolitic high-temperature combustion technology. This technology combines highly efficient burning and reduced fuel consumption to maximise efficiency with minimal emissions.The Pyro Galaxy Aqua charms with both its stylish, unique design and also with its highly efficient dual chamber system. The dual flame display provides a new dimension to conventional wood heating.

In addition to this technology, the Pyro Galaxy Aqua is equipped with a hot water heat exchanger. This unique hydronic heating system allows it to heat an entire house, vastly improving heat distribution over more conventional heating devices. Ideal for large homes.

The Pyro Galaxy Aqua boasts a large variety of natural stones for cladding, ensuring compatibility with any modern interior design.

Colour: Black

Heat output: 12kW

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Hot water distribution enabling hydronic heating of the whole house.

Technical information
Nominal Power 12kw  
Stove efficiency 90 %  
Operating draught 12 Pa    
Smoke flue diameter 150 mm  
Log length 35.5cm  
CO emissions (at 13% O2)   0.04 %    
Average flue gas temperature 160 °C  
Output to water 8.5 kw
Output to air 3.5kw
Volume of the heat exchanger 33 L
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