Masterflamme Grande


Thanks to its massive construction, the Masterflamme wood stove is positioned in the high quality market segment. The combustion chamber’s tube design limits material expansion thus ensuring high quality and a long lifetime of the stove. The stove’s tubes provide maximum heat transfer as the air flowing through the tubes is rapidly heated. This heating principle also ensures an even distribution of warm air not only in the room where the stove is standing but also to other rooms. The materials used for its construction come from the largest steel producers providing consistency and quality.

Heat output: 16.9kW
Heating area: 260 m²

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Convective heatingin a tube design (fast transfer of hot air into the room by means of circulation)

Secondary air supply- glass air wash (limits the staining of the glass)

Secondary air supply- for combustion (a second air supply used for the combustion of gaseous particles and secondary combustion)

Masterflamme wood stoves meet the strictest European CE norms (EN 13240, BlmSchV - Stufe 2, DINplus)

Eko-Air-In outside air supply(intelligent distribution of all air types into the firebox)

Cast iron grate(primary air supply under the grate)

Ashtray for simple ash removal)

5-year exclusive warranty

Fan effect - heat within minutes

The Masterflamme wood stove has, thanks to its unique design, an exceptional ability to quickly create heat and to distribute it continuously and evenly. Cold air is drawn in from underneath into the tubes which form the combustion chamber itself. This directly heats the air that is blown back into the room. Thanks to this fan effect, the Masterflamme wood stove can deliver lots of heat in a very short time and distribute it evenly into the heated area.

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Black, Brown, Cream

Technical information
Output 16.9 kW
Heating area 260 m²
Efficiency 71 %
Fuel consumption 5 kg/hour
Operating draught 12 Pa
Flue diameter 150 mm
Log length 52 cm
Weight 193 kg
Emissions 1 g/kg
Average exhaust gas temperature 325 °C


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