Moravia 9112 cooker


The KVS MORAVIA 9112-HEU type solid-fuel range cooker with a heat exchange unit (exchanger) combines the advantages of an appliance designed for cooking, baking/roasting meals and a central heating boiler. Its spacious firebox makes it possible to use wood logs of up to 450 mm in length and of up to 190 mm in diameter. One of many other advantages is the variability of connections to a chimney.

Already in its standard version, the cooker has 3 outlets for combustion gases for connection to a chimney from the back, from a side or from above (Note: when a glass-ceramic hob is used, connection is only possible from a side or back wall). All these outlets are situated next to one another.

The cooker is made in right-hand or left-hand versions, which differ mainly by the position of the outlets into a chimney (when viewed from the front). Right-hand version – all the 3 outlets for combustion gases are in the right corner and the oven is also situated in the right section of the cooker. Left-hand version – all the 3 outlets for combustion gases are in the left corner, and the oven is also situated in the left section of the cooker.

Heat output: 7.5kW

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High performance

Modern design in a rustic style

A spacious firebox for firewood of up to 450 mm in length

An exchanger built in the firebox guarantees its good functionality

A glazed door of the firebox for visual inspection of fuel consumption

An oven with excellent baking/roasting capacity

A glazed oven door equipped with a thermometer

Possibility of connecting it to a chimney from the back or a side wall or from a hob

Comfortable control of the flow of combustion products and output

A large fuel receptacle

A left-hand or right-hand version

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White, Bordeaux, Green, Black

Technical information


Space output: 5,5 kW
Water output: 3,5 – 8 kW
Hot-water heater capacity: 9 l
Hot-water heater outlets: 1“
Diameter of smoke collar: 120 mm
Cooker dimensions (w-h-d): 924 x 850 x 600 mm
Oven dimensions (w-h-d): 302 x 250 x 433 mm
Height of exhaust collar: 735 +- 5 mm (through the centre from the floor)
Minimum chimney draught: 12 Pa
Efficiency at rated heat output: 75 %
Weight: 175 kg
Recommended fuel: wood and wood briquettes
Hob design variants:
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