Frequently asked questions

Below find frequently asked questions by our customers

Why wood heater?

Ever increasing prices of gas and electricity are the driving force in promoting traditional wood heating over its alternatives

Wood heaters are creating unique atmosphere in every situation.

Is wood heating environmentally friendly?

Modern wood fire heaters are designed to minimise an impact on the environment.

European build  heaters  must pass the strictest EU standards  which makes them the cleanest and most efficient in the world.

How large heater do I need?

Every situation is different. Depends on the task you want the heater to do. 1KW of output will heat around 20m2 of standard house area ( aprox. 2 squares)

What type of heaters are on offer?

Radiant  – usually single skin ,fast heating, radiates the heat through its skin.

Convection –  multiple skin heaters, air heats and moves to the top between the layers of its skins ( hot air rises up).

Hydronics heaters – Usually a combination of convection heater or kitchen stove/ heater and water heat exchange unit. Used increasingly for room heating or cooking , hot water supply and hydronic heating of floors, heating additional parts of the house via hot water radiators.

Accumulation fireplaces-  Top notch technology, designed and build specifically  for your house. Hot air from the firebox travel through a series of accumulation tunnels, where it energy is stored. After the burning ceases the heat is emitted  into the room for up to 12 only need to feed the fireplace 2x a day.

It sounds good is it expensive?

Yes it is, but the beautiful look of its ceramic surfaces, longevity, efficiency and simplicity of use out weight the initial investment.

It uses external air supply (not to use Oxygen from the house). Electronic regulation of burning  process is maintaining optimal temperature.

Limits the forced air movement , thus excellent for people allergic to dust (and dusting).

Endless design possibilities ex. Sitting benches for warming your back…

Please see the pictures on our website.

What type of fuel do I need?

Well seasoned hardwood.

Is there a lot of maintenance?

Not a great deal if you use it according to the manual. Keep it clean, empty ashes regularly,burn seasoned hardwood. Once a year good check up and chimney clean.

Can I install it myself?

Possible , depends on your ability. You must  follow the specification for your own safety and to preserve the warranty.

Chimney should be installed by a qualified installer only.

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