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Simple yet beautifully designed, this fireplace combines a cast iron body with soapstone sides, both known for their heat accumulation ability.

With its deep combustion chamber and quality fireclay, this model fits any modern home. It is a model with a slow combustion function. The solid cast iron cooktop provides ample space for pots and pans and is always ready for use for heating. 

Colour: Black

Heat output: 8kW

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Slow combustion

Covering: Stone-Serpentino (soapstone)

Cast doors and cast iron cover

Automatic control of primary air for comfortable operation

Technical information
Nominal Power 8 kw  
Stove efficiency 80.5 %    
Operating draught 12 Pa    
Smoke flue diameter 120 mm  
Log length 35cm
CO emissions (at 13% O2)   0.09 %    
Average flue gas temperature 317 °C  
Heating value 182m3


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