Flamingo Deluxe


The flamingo DELUXE combustion system is an embodiment of perfection. Air supply is provided centrally from the rear part of the wood stove. Ash creation is minimal. The entire combustion process is controlled using two draw bars. The first regulates the primary air intake that is necessary for lighting up and getting the wood burning. The second draw bar helps support secondary combustion, i.e. the combustion of gases. Opening up this second draw bar directs the preheated tertiary air into the upper part of the firebox by means of the top deflector plate. This air is then used to achieve the most economical and efficient form of wood combustion possible, whilst providing beautiful flames and a clean glass. Correct chimney draught is required to ensure proper combustion and can be achieved by placing a regulator on the flue pipe or by using a chimney damper

Colour: Black

Heat output: 11kW

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Primary, secondary and tertiary air supply

Variable flame intensity

Insulated firebox from vermiculite

Additional information

Malia, Pentai, Kampa L, Kampa R, Senai, Singa, Island, Pulau

Technical information

Nominal power range | kW: 3 – 11

Stove efficiency | %: 80.17
Log length | cm: 35
Weight | kg: 151
Heating value | m³: 60 – 220
Warranty: 5 years



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