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HOME EASY BOX fireplace is a combination of modern, environmentally friendly NBC 7 insert and ready to install mantel made of steel. The entire lot is a perfect responses to the current interior design trends.

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We know you are a very busy person… Time is scarce. You never have too much of it, but you want to change the image of your home?

We understand it and we want your to devote as much of your time off with your family for your own pleasures… Therefore, we designed our product to make its installation easy, maximally quick and intuitive. The kit consists of an NBC 7 fireplace insert, a base and a modular mantel with the accessories necessary for its proper installation. It is very easy to put all its parts together. Just after several hours you will be able to enjoy the warmth and the view of dancing flames.

A series of innovative solutions applied in our NBC 7 fireplace insert will make you confident about the maximum use of energy when heating your house with equipment. Its power allows for effective heating of areas even up to 100 m2.

By burning dry hardwood you will also save money. Independent tests unambiguously show that wood is one of the cheapest sources of heat.

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Technical information
Rated output (kW) 7
Heating power range (kW) 3.0 – 9.0
Material steel
Heating efficiency (%) 83
Fuel type seasoned hardwood (moisture ≤20%)
Exhaust gas temperature (℃) 199
Max length of logs (cm) 40


Weight (kg) 328
Exhaust outlet diameter (mm) 160
Width (cm) 84.2
Height (cm) 180.1
Depth (cm) 60.3
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