The Tropic wood heater is designed to compliment any home. Its built-in heat exchanger and fan produces highly efficient heat exchange, ensuring the rapid heating of living spaces of any dimension. The Tropic features easy connectivity to the warm air pipes located at the back of the heater, allowing for the transfer of heat to other rooms.

Colour: Black

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High efficiency

Built-in heat exchanger with stove fan

Stable and reliable two-chamber combustion system

Additional air for simple fire lighting

Additional information
Heat output

8kW, 11kW, 15kW, 20kW

Technical information
  •  Space to be heated: 200 up to 600 m3
  •  Firewood consumption 5,4 kg/hour
  •  Efficiency  84,10 %
  •  Emission of CO by O2= 13% –  0,06 %
  •  Flow of the heated air 100-500 m3/hour
  •  Stable temperature in output circa 50 – 110 degrees of Celsius
  •  Power of the stove fan 10 – 60 W
  •  Smoke flue diameter 150 mm
  •  Chimney draft 12 Pa
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