Moravia Cooling and insulation panel 9118


The KVS MORAVIA type 9118 cooling panel is used to reduce the temperature in the space between an appliance and fitted kitchen. It is suitable for Moravia cookers 9100, 9103 and 9112 type range cookers.
With its shape and dimension, the panel is a smooth continuation of a cooker and does not disrupt its overall design. The internal parts of the panel are made of galvanised sheet metal, and the external visible parts have a surface finish resistant to rather high temperatures.

For use with KVS Moravia fireplaces

Special order only

Category: Manufacturer

Easy installation

Colouring in line with the design of appliances

Functionality and ensuring prescribed safety clearances

Uniform design for positioning it from the left and right side of an appliance

Modern design that allows positioning it for example in a fitted kitchen

Technical information

The 9118 type cooling panel is only suitable for use in building KVS MORAVIA solid-fuel appliances into a fitted kitchen or for installations in interiors requiring insulation from furniture and other equipment.

Dimensions of panel (w-h-d): 100 x 850 x 600 mm
Weight: 8 kg
Variants of design: double-sided


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