BANANeco – Hot air ventilator


At TFM Fireplaces we are also supplying our customers with the latest building materials and components. Hot air ventilators pump hot air to distant outlets, the bypass filters the hot air and stabilises the temperature in the system. Hot air distribution sets are the key elements of every air heating system based on a fireplace.

Hot air ventilator with bypass is used to prepare and distribute hot air coming from fireplace hood to various rooms in the building.

BANANeco comes in couple sizes:

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BANANeco1 – 400 m3 / hr, BANANeco2 – 600 m3 / hr, BANANeco3 – 1000 m3 / hr

Technical information

Elements of hot air distribution installation

Fireplace installation, even in its most complex variants, consists of three independent systems:

1. System of fresh air supply for burning and ventilation

2. System of hot air distribution, convection or mechanical(supported by ventilator)

3. System of fume extraction from the fireplace

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