The Primo Oval Jr. is extemely user friendly and is the perfect Primo grill when cooking for a party of two (2) or even big enough to entertain the entire family or group of friends. The Primo Oval Jr. can maintain temperatures ranging from 95 degrees (c) all the way to 400 + degrees (c) making it the ideal bbq grill for slow cooking a roast at a low temperature to cranking up the heat to get that perfectly seared steak.

The following accessories are included with your Primo Oval Jr Loaded, 13″ Pizza Stone, cast iron searing grate, Deflector Plates, Ash Tool, 1 x charcoal , 1 x quick lights, cast iron firebox divider and lower drip pan racks.

The Primo Oval Jr. also operates as the perfect wood-fired pizzeria. The Primo Oval Jr. is easy to light, easy to opperate, with little to no clean up required.

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Technical information
  • 34.3 x 47 cm cooking grid (expandable to 2320 cm2)
  • Weight 50 kg Primo Oval Jr
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