Insulation material

At TFM Fireplaces we are also supplying our customers with the latest building materials and components. Enabling them to utilise the most advanced fireplace building technology.

Grenaisol provides a large variety of insulation materials which is easy to work using common woodworking tools.

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Grenaisol is a top line insulation board for building fireplaces and tile stoves. It can be cut and drilled.

Environmental-friendly and non-toxic material

Small space required thanks to small material thickness

Building & insulating element in one.

Available sizes:

1000x600x30mm $62
1000x600x40mm $82
1000x600x50mm $102

Grena Control

Inspection opening to ensure security and visual control.

Available sizes:

500x400mm $475
400x300mm $455
444x200mm $405

Grenaisol Arcus

Grenaisol arcus is a special tiling material for isolation of round corners.

Size: 600x90x40mm

Price: $ 24

Universal Glue

Universal Glue designed for high fireplace temperatures up to 1200 C.

Price: $ 46

Silatherm Mesh

When building a fireplace, tiled stove as well as any other structure that requires high thermal resistance, correct materials must be used. Only then a proper function and durability of the structure can be assured. SILATERM mesh represent a result of long-term development with involvement of stove-builders themselves. The mesh provides an additional cover from the heat.

Available sizes:

50x1m $540
1x1mm $15

Skamol Super Isol

Skamol offers insulation board for the fireplace and stoves industries. Our non combustible boards helps you achieve energy savings in your production. The Skamol SUPER-ISOL calcium silicate board is a lightweight insulating board with excellent insulation value, high mechanical strength and good heat resistance. The boards are designed for maximum temperatures of 1100°C (1832°F) and are applicable as back up insulating lining

Available sizes:

Super Isol 50 1000x600x50 mm $82
Super Isol 30 1000x600x30 mm $49

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