Hot Air Distribution Products

At TFM Fireplaces we are also supplying our customers with the latest building materials and components. Hot air ventilators pump hot air to distant outlets, the bypass filters the hot air and stabilises the temperature in the system. Hot air distribution sets are the key elements of every air heating system based on a fireplace.

Elements of hot air distribution installation

Fireplace installation, even in its most complex variants, consists of three independent systems:

1. System of fresh air supply for burning and ventilation

2. System of hot air distribution, convection or mechanical(supported by ventilator)

3. System of fume extraction from the fireplace

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BANANeco – Hot air ventilator

Hot air ventilator with bypass is used to prepare and distribute hot air coming from fireplace hood to various rooms in the building.

BANANeco comes in couples size:

NameAir distributed / hrPrice

BANANeco 1 400 m3 / hr $ 1640
BANANeco 2 600 m3 / hr $ 1810
BANANeco 3 1000 m3 / hr $ 2060


ANeco Controller

ART-AN controls ANeco hot air ventilator airflow value.

Controller works in automatic and manual modes – depending on the air temperature in fireplace hood.

In automatic mode (standard settings) it is possible to set a temperature at which ventilator switches on, this temperature can be adjusted in the range of 30-50°. Fan startup power can be adjusted in the range of 10-50% of its maximal efficiency.

In manual mode speed of the hot air ventilator can be adjusted in the range of 0-100% (in steps of 10%).

Price: $ 340



Hot air distribution fittings

Designed for hot air distribution system building. They have the smallest airflow resistance.

Round fittings are designed to be used in hot air distribution systems. They are produced mostly with 0,5mm galvanised steel.

Different sizes and shapes are available, contact us for the full list and prices.


Scope of products in this category:

  • tees
  • elbows
  • dampers
  • humidifiers
  • clamps
  • reducers
  • connectors

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